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Amanda Chatel is a writer who divides her time between New York City and Paris. Wanting to study with Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Charles Simic, she attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in Creative Writing.

She has wanted to be a writer since she composed her first poem "Balloons" when she was seven; a piece that is still framed above her father's desk. In fifth grade, her desire to write was even furthered when she won a state-wide poetry contest about apples, of all things. Amanda continued to write short stories and plays all throughout grammar school and junior high; her need to be a writer was solidified.

While in college she pursued her passion to write with an intense fervor, and was subsequently awarded the prestigious Gertrude Burnham Literary Scholarship for both her poetry and short story fiction. Throughout her undergraduate tenure, Amanda was published multiple times in the university's literary and art magazine, Aegis.

These days Amanda contributes to a broad spectrum of online publications covering religion, fashion, sex, music, politics, art and the occasional quirky "How To" piece.

She is a self-described verbomaniac, a music snob, and has a penchant for stinky cheese, French wine, and colorful socks. She is not available for weddings, but will consider birthday party appearances as long as an ice cream cake and open-bar are provided.

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